Vegas Sphynx is a family owned provider of beautiful, healthy and hypoallergenic Sphynx Cats, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Kitten Adoptions

Bring home a sphynx kitten of your very own today!

Waiting List


Since we are a small operation, you may join a waiting list to have first access to our upcoming litters. 

Animal Care Counseling

We will talk you through the basic needs that these cats have, as opposed to furred cats.




TICA Certification

All cats available through us can be fully papered and certified in addition to first shots and first vet visit.



Based in Las Vegas - address given upon creation of appointment.

Email: vegassphynx@yahoo.com

Where Are We?

About Us

    Above and beyond simply being cute in the uncanny valley sort of way, Sphynx cats present a solution to allergies, a wildly unique cat owning experience, and a meaningful relationship with your animal. They are friendly to humans, other cats, and even your other pets; exceedingly playful by their nature, and hilariously vocal. Whether they are curled on their backs in your lap, vying for your attention - or chattering their minds away to you - they make the day brighter and warmer. Here at Vegas Sphynx it has become a family passion to breed this incredible species and to bring them to the Vegas area kitty-loving community. We look forward to sharing our love for the Sphynx with you and your family for the years to come.


About Our Prices

Cats of either gender as pets (not papered or intact) - $2,000

TICA Certified Intact Males (papered) - $2,500

TICA Certified Intact Females (papered) - $3,000

All cats can come with their papers - and come with their first set of shots, as well as their first veterinary wellness check up.

Potential Pet Owners can set up an appointment by emailing us at vegassphynx@yahoo.com

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